Dance teachers!

Do you teach dance at a summer camp or school? Be in touch! If the resources on any of the dances below are useful to you, please use them and let me know what else would be helpful to add.

The following are pages for good camp dances. When possible, each includes a teaching video, a demonstration video with the music, and links to the lyrics and the mp3! I will keep adding more as they are requested.

Most of the above are line dances, which are great for kids and for camp-like settings, but the original and truest Israeli folkdances are circle dances, and the classics never go out of style. I’d never design a dance program that didn’t include Mayim Mayim, or Nigun Atik (aka Zemer Atik) or Od Lo Ahavti Dai or Tzaddik Katamar for example. There are lots of examples of these all over, but those links are to Gadi Bitton’s Beginner Series, which is a good place to start!

If you haven’t already filled out the form below, please do it so I can be in touch with you!

If you’re a shaliach or shalicha – before you come to the US – GO DANCING! Remember that every session (הרקדה) is different, so try a few or check with me first about which is the best one in your area. If you can only go to one, go to Gadi Bitton’s session at Tel Aviv University on a Thursday night. In Jerusalem, go to Yaron Ben-Simchon. In the North, try Yaron Carmel. Always introduce yourself to the markid, tell him that you know me (Erica Goldman!) and tell him what you are doing this summer.

Thanks 🙂


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