Summer 2020

Hi there! You are probably here because you teach dance at a summer camp and are looking for resources – click “Dance teachers!” above to get to the page that includes videos and resources for a number of Israeli dances that are very popular at Jewish summer camps.

If you’re here looking for information about an upcoming camp or workshop with me, you know that most everything is happening online right now. I’ve recently done a workshop with the Folk Arts Center of New England and some other international dance community events. Unfortunately, the best Israeli dance camp of the year, Gvanim, will also not take place in person this year, but we have PLENTY of shenanigans planned for you online – so join us for Virtual Gvanim Aug 20-23, and we’ll see you in person next year!


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Summer 2018

Hello friends!

A quick note to let you know about my summer travels – I hope to see you at one of these upcoming events or at camp!

Also: check out the page for the new song “Toy” – Israel won Eurovision with this song by Netta this year and I have video of the Jewish summer camp version of the dance!

June 15-17 – Camp Bob Waldorf (L.A.)

June 22/23/24 – Camp Tel Noar / Camp Young Judaea / Camps Pembroke and Tevya (MA)

June 27 – Dwell, a new retreat for Hillel professionals (NY)

July 15-21 – Kentucky Dance Institute – this international dance camp will also feature the incredible Ahmet Luleci – YOU CAN STILL REGISTER!

July 26-28 – Camps Airy and Louise (MD)

August 16-19 Camp Nai Nai Nai West coast edition – if you’re a young Jewish adult, you just have to experience this “adult Jewish summer camp weekend”. It’s an amazing experience. (CA)

August 23-26 GVANIM, the best Israeli dance camp. Taking place this year at Berkshire Hills Eisenberg in Copake, NY. REGISTER NOW and join the #gvanimfamily ❤️


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Summer Schedule!

Hey, will I see you this summer? My schedule is almost fully-packed with residences across the country! Tentatively or definitely scheduled to be at:
and of course,

Gvanim August 25-28 YOU MUST COME TO THISSSS!!!

Where do I see you??
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A whirlwind summer coming up…

Hi friends,

Well, I’m almost at the end of my dual-degree grad school experience and I can’t believe it! It’s been amazing, but there’s still lots to do. This year I haven’t been dancing quite as much as usual, but I’ve been writing and talking about dancing far more than usual! Be in touch if you want more information about Ma’agal, my Israeli dance education initiative, or want to get involved. We are really in a start-up phase right now, so we are looking for seed funding and appreciate all support!

The big news is that I will not be the Dance Director at Camp Alonim this summer… Instead I’ll be doing residencies and consultancies at camps across the country (including L.A). The schedule is getting packed, but if you know of a camp that could be interested in having me for a few days, please let me know!

I’m also booked at two big international dance festivals, so you can come dance with me at the Kentucky Dance Institute (KDI), July 17-23, along with Ed Austin and other stars, or at Mainewoods, August 14-20, along with Ercüment Kiliç (Turkish) Jaap Leegwater (Bulgarian) and more. I’d love to see you at either of those camps… and of course, shortly after will be the fifth edition of Gvanim, the best Israeli dance camp ever! Gvanim 2016 will be August 25-28 and we’ll be joined by Elad Shtamer, Chen Shporen, and Omri Mugzach. REGISTER NOW!! #seeyouatGvanim

Happy dancing and keep in touch!




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Gvanim THIS MONTH!! and RikuDallas coming up in October…

Hi dancing friends,

I’m wrapping up summer #12 at Camp Alonim in CA and heading back to Boston soon for school… and for GVANIM!! This incredible Israeli dance camp is in its fourth year and it just gets better every time. Come join us! All the info you need to register is here at the Gvanim website. Ohad Atia, Chen Shporen, Michael Barzilai, and a staff that spends all our time coming up with wackier and more clever ideas every year – to amuse you AND ourselves! IT’S REALLY SOON SO REGISTER NOW!!

I’ll also be teaching at this year’s RikuDallas, October 23-25. You can pick and choose which portions of the weekend to attend, or register for the whole thing for only $90!! For more information, contact Anita Friedman or Galit Ribakoff.

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Israeli dancing at the Boston JCC

It has been a great year of Israeli dance class at the Boston JCC in Newton! Here are some of the dances we learned:

Sababa (Meir Shem-Tov)
Shav El Admati (M Gabi)
Tizaher Mimena (line dance by Lior David)
Yaffo (Moshiko)
Waka Waka (line dance by DJ Neidober)
Neshima (Elad Shtamer)
Bracha (Dudu Barzilay)
Vetikach Miriam  (Sagi Azran)
Aneni Bashirim (Yaron Ben-Simchon)
Mishaela  (Rafi Ziv)
Ba’a Elechem (Itzik Ben Dahan)
Achai Bnei Teiman (Sefi Aviv)
Derech Hashalom (Yaron Malichi)
Ten Li Bardarbuka  (Gadi Bitton)
Elef Mechazrim (Yoram Sasson)
Et Lirkod (Elad Shtamer)
Chori Chori (line dance by Aviv Ben-Ishay)
Gibor Shel Ima (Dudu Barzilay and Avi Levy)
Kmo Achshav (Yaron Ben-Simchon)

Adama V’shamayim (Gadi Bitton)
Darkeinu(Gadi Bitton)
Gaaguim (Moshiko)
Hineh (Silvio Berlfein)
Shabbat Menucha (Israel Shiker)
Gvanim (Shlomo Maman)
LalaLand (Erica Goldman)
Yalla (Israel Shiker)
Baleilot Hakayitz Hachamim (Tuvia Tischler)
Amalel Shir (Shlomo Maman)
Tzaddik Katamar (Yonatan Gabbai)
plus a lot of horas, including Tzena Tzena, Hora Nirkoda, Hora Aggadati, and other classics, many of which you can find demonstrated here.


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In L.A. this month!! Calling families and teens…

Come dance with me at Camp Alonim’s Family Camp and Teen Weekend !

March 13-15, 2015

Spend Shabbat with friends and family in the most beautiful setting there is: Camp Alonim in Simi Valley, my summer home. There will be dancing and singing and celebrating and learning and bonding and much silliness, if past years are any indication! All the details are at the links above – register now and I’ll see you there. Yay!!

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Back in Boston!

Hi friends,

After a great weekend teaching at the Laguna Folk Dance Festival (with Sonia and Cristian!), I’m back in Boston and we’re done with snow cancellations!!

Come join us tonight (and help me spread the word):
Sunday nights at the JCC at 333 Nahanton Street in Newton.
You can call 617-558-6500 for more details (or call or email me) or just show up – you don’t have to pre-register!
Class is in a lovely dance studio with a good sound system and a great floor.
5:45-6:45pm Beginners (no experience necessary!) and
6:45-8:15 Intermediate/Advanced
The other students are warm and friendly and happy to be dancing!

See you on the dance floor 🙂

Post by Camp Alonim.

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Laguna Festival!

Why am I sooooo excited about teaching in California in February? Because winter is HERE, I am FREEZING, and I get to teach in California in February!!

Hooray: I will be teaching Israeli dances at the Laguna Folk Dance Festival, which runs from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon, features dance workshops with, in addition to me, Sonia Dion and Cristian Florescu, dance parties with both live and recorded music, performances, and lots of great food!

February 20-22, 2015 in Laguna Woods ! Register here.

There will also be music workshops and jam sessions with the exceptional Miamon Miller and singing workshops with Tanya Varimezova… and there is one more amazing added bonus to this weekend that should tip you over into registering immediately if you aren’t already convinced:

FEBRUARY 21 IS MY BIRTHDAY!!! So come dance and celebrate with me (while I try to absorb as much California sun as I possibly can in three days before returning to the frigid Northeast).


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It’s official, I’m in Boston…

and although I’m a full-time student and totally overwhelmed with schoolwork… HOW COULD I NOT TEACH ISRAELI DANCE??

My first class just started tonight – come join us or spread the word!!
Tuesday nights at the JCC at 333 Nahanton Street in Newton.
You can call 617-558-6500 for more details (or call or email me) or just come next week!
Class is in a lovely dance studio with a good sound system and a great floor.
7-8pm Beginners (no experience necessary!) and
8-9:30 Intermediate/Advanced
The other students are warm and friendly and happy to be dancing!

Other appearances to be announced soon (some in SoCal!), so watch this space. And come dance with me!

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