Israel won the 2018 Eurovision contest with this song, Toy, by Netta Barzilai. There is an “official” Israeli dance to it, choreographed by Elad Shtamer. However, I think most summer camps will be dancing the version below. (Happy to talk about this distinction with anyone who is interested!) You can find the lyrics here and download the mp3 here. This version was choreographed by Aviya Tako, Tomer Moked, and Erica Goldman.

What follows is an instructional video that breaks down the steps with explanations, then a demo video with just Tomer and Erica doing the dance with the music, and then a video of hundreds of camp staff members from across North America doing the dance at Cornerstone 2018. Enjoy!

Teaching video:

Demonstration video, for steps:

The masses doing it at Cornerstone 2018!