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HaEilim Hachadashim (and Öp!)

Hi all, Two new videos for you this week!  Here’s tonight’s dance, Nona Malki’s new partner dance HaEilim Hachadashim from Winter Rikud: and, as promised, Mitch Ginsburgh’s Öp! Enjoy!

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Matok Hatapuach – מתוק התפוח

My first Monday after my trip to Italy (and Balkanot, the Israeli and Balkan Dance Camp!) and our first dance from Machol Miami – Yaron Malichi’s “Matok Hatapuach”.  It’s apparently originally from 2009, but I hadn’t heard of it before.  … Continue reading

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Bachur Ragish – בחור רגיש

Right after Winter Rikud, Mitch taught us this dance, choreographed by Yoram Sasson.  We also learned his dance, Öp, from Har-el – look for a video of that one coming soon!

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Welcome to our new web page!

Hello lovely Monday night dancers!  Following the excellent lead of Markid Mike Fox, I’m going to keep this blog updated with our Monday night news and videos of the dances we’ve learned, when I can.  Feel free to comment, share, … Continue reading

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