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I WILL BE AT THE SESSION TONIGHT AND I’VE MISSED YOU AND I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU!! (If you were at camp this weekend, come anyway – we can be exhausted together!!) xoxo e

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All the news!

Hi dancers! Lots of updates today: 1. Last week Harel reviewed Elad’s “HaOr Yizrach” and Liatt taught Avi Perez’s new dance, “Layla Gashum”. I hope you liked it so much that you really want to see Avi in April at… … Continue reading

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Lifnei She’At Holechet – לפני שאת הולכת

A couple of weeks ago, Liatt re-taught the lovely “Lifnei She’At Holechet” (“Before You Leave”), a 2005 dance by Naftaly Kadosh. Here’s the video of him doing the dance with our lovely Karina!

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