Status Meohav – סטטוס מאוהב

I missed you these last two weeks! Thanks to Harel for keeping things dancing in my absence. He taught Jealousy and Status Me’ohav – here’s the video of that one by Dudu Barzilay. Enjoy!

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Kshe’at Rokedet – כשאת רוקדת

Happy Valentine’s Day! Tonight was wonderful! We learned Yaron Malichi’s fantastic 2002 dance “Kshe’at Rokedet” (“When you dance”). See you next week for BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS!!!

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February Celebrations!

So much celebrating in February!!

See you tomorrow at a great night of dancing with a few special guests from out of town, and then next week, 2/24, come to our big FEBRUARY BIRTHDAY PARTY!! My birthday is on Friday the 21st and so many of our dancers also have birthdays this month, so let’s celebrate all together.

Bring chocolate this week (Valentine’s??!) and fruit next week…or fruit this week and chocolate next week! Or just bring yourself and your dancing shoes and we’ll be happy to see you 🙂

Last week we learned Gadi’s “Afrita”, taught by Yaron Carmel at Winter Rikud, and the week before we did Yaron Ben-Simchon’s “Tamid Elayich” – here’s the video for that one. Enjoy!

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Review Night!

Thanks for a great night of dancing! I’ll let you know the results of our “voting” when I get a chance to collate your responses.

Tonight we reviewed Tirtzi Bi by Ohad Atia and Levi Bar-Gil, and we did walk-throughs of

Cholat Ahava Avi Levy 2003
Lo Tehi Yoter Levadech Elad Shtamer 2012
Yalda Ktana Avi Levy 2013
Harishona Avi Levy 2013

I hope you enjoyed it!

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Happy 2014!

My dancing friends, we’ve had such a beautiful start to the year! It was AMAZING having Avi Levy with us two weeks ago, and it was an honor and a pleasure to teach Cholat Ahava with him. Thank you so much to everyone who came to celebrate and much gratitude to everyone who brought food and goodies (and to those of you who continue to do so, or do that even when it’s not a potluck week – you’re amazing!!). Last week was excellent too and we learned the one dance from Gadi’s Top Ten of 2013 countdown that we hadn’t yet done: Tirtzi Bi. The video is below!

I can’t wait to see you tonight for another great night – we’ll do a little REVIEW NIGHT of some things we learned in the last few months, so if you missed something, tonight’s a great night to catch up. See you later!

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The future of Israeli dance!… a humble plea :)

Hello my dancing friends,

Many of you know about the work I do all year to engage children and young adults in Israeli dancing and to inspire in them a love of Israeli dance that will remain strong throughout their lives. I’m dedicated to exposing them to the larger world of Israeli dance even they meet me in the context of summer camp or hebrew school or wherever – I don’t want them to walk away from the summer or semester thinking, “That’s a camp thing,” or “That’s a kid thing”… As just one instance of recent, local proof, any of you who were at David Dassa’s Thanksgiving marathon in L.A. last month know that I managed to bring SIXTY YOUNG ADULTS to dance!! There were literally two kids in the room who were under 25 years old that were not there because of my efforts!

If you support this work, and me, and the future of Israeli dancing, I hope you’ll consider making a contribution to New Community Jewish High School, earmarked for the Israeli dance program. This way, your money goes directly to supporting our shared passion AND you get the benefit of the tax deduction!!

I have big plans and many ideas for how to increase youth involvement in Israel dance and I appreciate your help – donations of ANY size are sincerely appreciated!!

You can send a check to:
New Community Jewish High School
22622 Vanowen St
West Hills, CA 91307
and be sure to write “Israeli dance program” or my name on the Memo line…

OR you can donate online at and remember to put “Israeli dance program” or my name in the Comments section or under the “In Honor Of” field.


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Az Tirkedi – video!

We learned this one awhile ago (thanks, Harel!) but here’s a video from last month’s Hilulim of Gadi dancing it with Fiana! Enjoy 🙂

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What a great night!

My dear dancers, this week was terrific! Thanks for braving the “cold” (hee hee) and coming to warm up on the dance floor.

We reviewed Bocher Mechadash – here’s the post with video from the first time we learned it.

See you next week!!

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Chappy Chanukah! (and Yafa Kelevana)

I know you’ve been eating all kinds of fried foods – come dance it all off at Mostly Couples! We’ll have a Chanukah party – I’ll bring treats, you bring your menorah, and we’ll all wear blue and white for a lovely celebration tomorrow… or you can wear GOLD and GET SOME GELT!!

The last two dances we learned were Shlomo Maman’s “Rio de Janeiro”, on my return from that same city, and Gadi Bitton’s beautiful new waltz, Yaffa Kelevana – if you missed it, take a look below and come dance with us to practice!

See you soon 🙂

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This Friday night in Pasadena…

Hi all,

As you know, I frequently teach Israeli dances in the International Folkdance community, meaning places where the dances of many many different countries are danced and the repertoire is widely diverse and very interesting. Usually these are events far out of town and I don’t mention them here, but this Friday night I will be doing an Israeli workshop for a local international group and I thought you might be interested! This way you can get a taste of what international is like, while still feeling very comfortable with all the Israeli that is the focus of the evening. (Or… it’ll be a fun nostalgic night for those of you who began in international before you switched to Israeli – I know you’re out there!)

I’ll be teaching at the Pasadena Folk Dance Co-op on Friday. Check out their Upcoming Events page to see the details about this week (and do a comparative study of me with straight and curly hair :)) On all the pages on that site, the picture you see on the top left side is of Valerie Daley, a delightful dancer who came and danced with us a few Mondays ago!! See, you already know people there 😉

Hope to see you Friday night in Pasadena and if not, see you MONDAY!!

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