Shana Tova!

שנה טובה!

My dear dancing friends, I wish you all the best in 5775 – health, happiness, contentment, joy, laughter, perspective, adventure, love… and lots of dancing! Very warm wishes for a sweet year to you and yours. Gut yontif!

L.A. Monday night dancers – I miss you so much and hope you are all doing well. Drop me a note and let me know how your year has begun!


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Two weeks to go…

My dear dancing friends, I hope you will join us this Monday night for my last regular Monday night Mostly Couples session… after six years! And definitely don’t miss my real last night (and going-away party?) on Sunday August 3rd (no dancing Monday 8/4 due to Tisha B’av). I’m going to miss you!!

Any requests for my last teach or two??

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Tango Leshnayim – ‫טנגו לשניים‬‎

Marco’s coming, Marco’s coming! July 15th – don’t miss it!

This week we learned his Karmiel-winning “Tango Leshnayim” – practice here:

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Happy Summer, y’all! Harel and I each move(d) up to camp this week, so summer is really here!

Just before Rikud, we (re)-learned Dudu Barzilay’s 2001 dance “Don Kichote” and last week we also learned his new dance, “Bein Haptziot” – we reviewed that one tonight! The week right after camp we did Gadi Bitton’s “Achshav Karov”, a slow and pretty one to the Idan Raichel song, and tonight we learned Nona Malki’s new dance Romeio – here is a video of her dancing it with her husband Avi from Rikud. Enjoy!

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Achshav Linshom – עכשיו לנשום

I am obsessed with the loveliness of both this song and this dance. I hope you love it too!

See you tonight – we’ll review this and learn Dudu’s Don Kichote in advance of his coming to town at the end of the month!

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Como Baila – קומו ביילה

Last year I was in Israel on Yom Hazikaron, a powerful and moving commemoration day in a country where the wounds are all too fresh. And then, the incredible transition into celebrating what is here, now, and what we love about it.

Take time to remember, and when the sun goes down Monday night, come celebrate Yom Haatzmaut with an incredible night of Israeli dancing and joy! See you there!

In the meantime, you can review Dudu Barzilay’s “Como Baila”, the dance Harel taught last week. Here you go:

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Hanigun Shelcha – הניגון שלך

My dear dancing friends,

I hope you had a wonderful Pesach and a great night dancing with Harel. I missed you!

Here’s a video of Gila Paz with the dance that Harel taught – “Hanigun Shelcha”. It’s being done everywhere in Israel! Enjoy.

(And don’t forget to put our Yom Haatzmaut party on your calendar – Monday May 5! If you have ideas for or want to help out with this celebration, email me!. Thanks!)

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Zer Shel Shoshanim- זר של שושנים

No dancing next week because of Pesach! I hope you enjoy the seder with your family or friends and have a wonderful celebration of freedom.

Tonight we learned Avner Naim’s dance “Zer Shel Shoshanim”. Huge thanks to Liatt for teaching with me while Harel is out of town!

Here’s the video, so you don’t forget it during the night off next week!

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Review Night 3/31 – tomorrow!

After our last review night, I got so many requests to do it more often- here we go! Tomorrow night we’ll go over a handful of the great stuff we’ve learned recently – so come on time and catch up on anything you missed.

Also, if you missed the birthday celebration extravaganza last month, here’s how you can catch up on that – check out these cute videos, taken by sweet Alyssa who was visiting from Brazil!  Enjoy 🙂

Faigy’s Birthday Song:

Cake with Yoram!

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HaPetza Shegaram Haosher – הפצע שגרם האושר

Thanks for welcoming me back with such a great night! It pays to fight the jetlag when we have such a fun evening of dancing together 🙂

I taught Hapetza Shegaram Haosher, a dance by Shlomo Maman that I saw all over Tel Aviv! Did you like it?

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